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<p>Introducing the latest in UHF models from Uniden. The UH820S-2TP is an 80 Channel 2 Watt Handheld Tradies Pack built for rugged Australian and New Zealand conditions making it ideal for Commercial Use, Hiking, Construction Sites and Restaurants. Uniden’s reliability and experience in UHF makes this unit ideal for the professional who needs to keep in touch with the outside world.
The UH820S-2TP is of trade quality and professional product that offers the finest components, engineering and styling and outstanding performance in all conditions and situations. Just what you would expect from Uniden.

With newest feature, the voice enhancer allows you to choose 4 different audio level settings (normal, bass, mid-range and high) the UH820S-2TP provides a natural voice enhancer for sharp clarity and performance. The benefit of the Smart Key allows you toggle between Voice Enhancer, Instant Channel or Call Tone Feature to tailor to your needs.

The latest innovation added to the Uniden UHF range, Master Scan® technology, is designed to ensure minimal disruptions for continuous communication and offers users to seamlessly communicate on a group of channels. If your current channel is interrupted by outsiders, all radios in your group will automatically jump to a new clear channel allowing uninterrupted communicate to continue.

The finest components, unique engineering and styling, the UH820S-2TP offers outstanding performance adaptable in various conditions and situations. Just what you expect from Uniden.

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<p class="uniden-product">Our Uniden products are original seller refurbished Uniden products. These have been tested and inspected and are covered with a 3 month back to our store warranty.</p>
<h2 class="card__title heading">Key Features</h2>
<li>2 Watt Maximum TX Output Power Hi/Lo</li>
<li>80 UHF Channels</li>
<li>USB Charging</li>
<li>Range: 13km#</li>
<li>Operating Time: 21 hrs†</li>
<li>Long Life 1600mAh Lithium-ion Battery</li>
<li>Master Scan®</li>
<li>Voice Enhancer</li>
<li>Smart Key Allocation</li>
<li>Rapid Scan</li>
<li>Range Extender (Duplex) Capability</li>
<li>VOX Hands Free Capable</li>
<li>Interference Eliminator (CTCCS)</li>
<li>Digital Coded Squelch (DCS)</li>
<li>Backlit Large LCD Display</li>
<li>Auto Battery Save</li>
<li>Open Scan</li>
<li>Group Scan</li>
<li>Battery Level Indicator</li>
<li>Busy Channel Lockout Function</li>
<li>Roger Beep</li>
<li>Instant Channel Programming and Recall</li>
<li>Keypad Lock</li>
<li>Designed and Engineered in Japan</li>
<li>Built for Rugged Australia and New Zealand Conditions</li>

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